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Sign-up & Sign-in


Clerk's configuration settings affect how the users of your application can sign up and sign in and which attributes are editable via their user profile. You can find these settings under the User & Authentication section of the Dashboard.

Check out our detailed guide for information on how to set up your application.


Integrate Clerk with popular frameworks to get user management and authentication for your application in minutes.

Jamstack Frameworks

Traditional Frameworks

Custom Flows

Clerk provides the flexibility to create custom sign-up and sign-in flows for your application.


With this setup, users that come to your website will need to supply an authorized email and password to gain access to their account.

Email / SMS OTP

During sign-in, users will enter their identifier (email address or phone number) to receive a one-time code and complete the authentication process.

During login or registration, users will enter their email address to receive an email message with a link that can be clicked and complete the authentication process.


By enabling multifactor authentication (MFA), often referred to as two-factor authentication or 2FA, you can encourage or require your users to perform a second verification check during sign-in.

Social Login Providers

Clerk offers a list of Social Login providers that can be used during sign-up and sign-in. There will be a button on the sign-in and sign-up pages with the provider's logo and the appropriate text for each of the selected providers.

At the moment, we support the following social providers:

Social Login providers
Google Add SSO with Google to your Clerk application.
Facebook Add SSO with Facebook to your Clerk application.
Twitter Add SSO with Twitter to your Clerk application.
Microsoft Add SSO with Microsoft to your Clerk application.
LinkedIn Add SSO with LinkedIn to your Clerk application.
Apple Add SSO with Apple to your Clerk application.
Dropbox Add SSO with Dropbox to your Clerk application.
TikTok Add SSO with TikTok to your Clerk application.
Discord Add SSO with Discord to your Clerk application.
Twitch Add SSO with Twitch to your Clerk application.
GitHub Add SSO with GitHub to your Clerk application.
Gitlab Add SSO with Gitlab to your Clerk application.
Bitbucket Add SSO with Bitbucket to your Clerk application.
Hubspot Add SSO with Hubspot to your Clerk application.
Notion Add SSO with Notion to your Clerk application.

Don't see the provider you need? Request others here; we can usually add them within a week.

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