It all starts with a user.

Far too often, poor user management stands between users and products. From forgotten passwords and failed account de-duplication, to broken and out-of-sync vendor integrations — there's a lot that can go wrong.

Clerk solves user management so developers can stop re-inventing the wheel and focus on their core business.



In the era of rich clients and jamstack, we believe developer tools are most helpful when they can be used directly by frontend developers.

Clerk offers plug-and-play interfaces and frontend-facing APIs, so frontend developers can iterate rapidly.

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Managed integrations

Many third-party services require user data to perform their service. For example, an email service doesn't just send emails, it sends emails to users.

Clerk launched with email and SMS integrations powered by Twilio. We will continue to add integrations for services like analytics, billing, CRM, and more.


Proudly supported by developer tools experts.

S28 Capital

South Park Commons

Andrew Miklas
Founder, PagerDuty

Darragh Buckley
First employee, Stripe

Calvin French-Owen
Founder, Segment

Max Kanter
Founder, FeatureLabs

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