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Changelog Apr 8, 2022

Colin Sidoti

Colin Sidoti

OAuth after Sign Up, mergeable custom metadata, improved observability, and optional usernames - plus, try our Clerk x RedwoodJS authentication integration!

OAuth after Sign Up

OAuth connections can now be be added after a user has signed up.

This can be accomplish through the <UserProfile/> component, or through the useUser() hook and the user.createExternalAccount() function.

Thanks to the contributors
Agis Anastasopoulos and Haris Chaniotakis
Agis Anastasopoulos
Haris Chaniotakis

Mergeable custom metadata

Metadata fields can now be updated via deep-merge in addition to complete replacement. This functionality was added to the Backend API to start.

Thanks to the contributors
Giannis Katsanos
Giannis Katsanos

Improved observability

We updated our Next.js and Node SDKs to add a `Auth-Result` header when the authentication state is unknown or signed out.

This will help us debug situations where your backend thinks the user is signed out, but the frontend knows they are signed in. Usually the reason for this is quite benign, but it can be tricky to debug.

Thanks to the contributors
Peter Perlepes
Peter Perlepes

Optional usernames

Usernames can now be optional, instead of only Required or completely Off.

You can make the change from the "Email, Phone, Username" settings page in your dashboard:

Thanks to the contributors
Alex Ntousias
Alex Ntousias

Community Spotlight: RedwoodJS

We'd like to wish a hearty congratulations to RedwoodJS on their v1 launch.

We've had a shared Slack with the Redwood team for a few months now as we collaborated to build the Clerk integration. The folks there are incredibly kind, patient, and innovative and we can't wait to see how the framework evolves.

Learn more about our RedwoodJS authentication integration.

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