Email magic links

One-click sign-up and sign-in

Email magic links

Onboarding that your users will love

Use Clerk's magic link flows to boost user metrics and eliminate security risks. Quickly verify your user's in one step to improve conversion rates, while filtering out spam and fraud.

Seamless Sign-up & Sign-in

Authenticate users from anywhere in your site, while allowing one-click magic link's to be seamlessly completed from any device.

Protect your product and user data

Eliminate bot attacks, account takeovers, and the risk of passwords.

Ensure accounts are tied to a single user

Magic links ensure that each account is tied to a verified email account.

Tools your developers will love

Enjoy a first-class developer experience, customizable flows, and robust out-of-the-box functionality

Flexible integration and implementation

Implement fully-fledged magic links in minutes, then, customize as much as you want with powerful frontend and backend APIs.

MFA supported out-of-the-box

Combine magic links with multi-factor authentication. Our magic links work seamlessly with our MFA functionality, all implemented in minutes.

Deliverability you can count on

Stop worrying about complex configurations and multi-level dependencies with email and SMS providers. Clerk ensures verification emails are speedy with exceptionally high deliverability.
import { useSignIn } from "@clerk/clerk-react";
function MagicLinks() {
const signIn = useSignIn();
const {
} = signIn.createMagicLinkFlow();
const onClick = () => {
redirect_url: '...'
return (
<input type='email' name='email'/>
<button onClick={onClick}>
Send magic link

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