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Available Methods

The Ruby SDK mirrors the Backend API. Here's a list of the instance methods on the Clerk::SDK and the API endpoint each one corresponds to:

allowlist_identifiers API endpoint/prefix Methods on resource object
allowlist_identifiers /v1/allowlist_identifiers update create delete
allowlist /v1/beta_features/allowlist update
clients /v1/clients all find verify_token
emails /v1/emails create
sessions /v1/sessions all find verify_token revoke
sms_messages /v1/sms_messages create
users /v1/users all find update delete


All examples assume you have an instance of the Clerk::SDK:

Allowlist identifiers

Get an array of all allowlist identifiers:

Create a new allowlist

Delete an allowlist


Toggle allowlist-only sign-ups on/off:


Get a client by its ID:

Get an array of all clients:

Verify the JWT and return the client:


Send an email:


Get a session by its ID:

Get an array of all sessions

Revoke a session:

Verify the JWT of a specific session ID:

SMS Messages

Send an SMS:


Get an array of all users:

Get an array of users, with filters:

Update a user:

Delete a user:

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