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Create an organization

Learn how to create an organization in your Clerk instance


Organizations are created by your end users. Whichever signed-in user creates an organization takes on the admin role for that organization.

The only required parameter when creating a new organization is the organization name, which can be any string. In React and Next.js applications, the useOrganizationList() hook returns the createOrganization method. In ClerkJS, the same method is available directly on the Clerk object.

The organization name can be updated by calling the organization.update() method.

When creating an organization, you can specify an optional slug for the new organization. If provided, the organization slug can contain only lowercase alphanumeric characters (letters and digits) and the dash "-". Organization slugs must be unique for the instance.

Using the Organizations Backend API, you can provide additional metadata for the organization and set custom attributes. Organizations support both private and public metadata. Private metadata can only be accessed from the Backend API. Public metadata can be accessed from the Backend API, and are read-only from the Frontend API.


Create a new organization


Update organization name


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