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Access the User object inside of your components.


The useUser hook returns the current user state: { isLoaded, isSignedIn, user } . You can use the user object to access the currently active User. It can be used to update the user or display information about the user's profile, like their name or email address.

While hooks are the recommended way to use the Clerk APIs, If you don't wish to use React hooks we also offer a couple of alternative methods to retrieve the currently signed in user.


Note that your component must be a descendant of <ClerkProvider/>.



There are times where using a hook might be inconvenient. For such cases, there are alternative ways to get access to the User object.

Clerk provides the <WithUser/> component and the withUser Higher Order Component directive that will allow your wrapped components to get access to the currently signed in user.


The User object will be accessible in the wrapped component under the user prop.

Note that your component must be a descendant of <ClerkProvider/>.


<WithUser />

In cases where you cannot use the withUser Higher Order Component, we provide a <WithUser/> component that accepts a Function as a child. Inside this function, the active User object will be accessible.




The ID of the active user, or null when signed out. In data-loaders, this is often the only piece of information needed to securely retrieve the data associated with a request.


The ID of the active session, or null when signed out. This is primarily used in audit logs to enable device-level granularity instead of user-level.


If user impersonation is being used, this field will contain information about the impersonator.

getToken({ template?: string; })string

Retrieves a signed JWT that is structured according to the corresponding JWT template in your dashboard. If no template parameter is provided, a default Clerk session JWT is returned.


A unique identifier for this organization.


The role that the user will have in the organization. Valid values are admin and basic_member


All claims for the JWT associated with the current user

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