Clerk Component

User ButtonA familiar component that allows users to manage their account, switch accounts, or sign out

Familiarity drives usability

Originally popularized by Google, users have come to expect that little photo of themselves in the top-right of the page – it’s the access point to manage their account, switch accounts, or sign out.

Small footprint, giant functionality

Designers love how little real estate the button takes in its un-popped state. The simple 32-pixel diameter circle fits into any design.

Adaptible design

The User Button always looks great, even if your application doesn’t collect names or profile photos.

Account switching built-in

Clerk is the only provider with multi-session support, allowing users to sign into multiple accounts at once and switch between them.

Easily add accounts

When multi-session is enabled, the button automatically offers the ability sign in to an additonal account.

No full page reloads

User can instantly switch between accounts – no full page reloads necessary.

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