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Sign InA beautiful, fast, and secure sign-in flow with your choice of authentication strategies

Optimized for throughput

Your sign-in flow is the only thing sitting between existing users and your application – it’s absolutely critical that users can complete the process quickly.

Social sign-ins

Over 50% of users opt for social sign-in when available, and they complete sign-in over 35% faster than users entering passwords.

Autofocused and autocomplete-ready

We leverage the latest HTML5 properties to ensure browsers and password managers can assist users through the sign-in process as quickly as possibly.

Always improving

When you use Clerk Components, our team becomes your team. We’re always looking for new ways to improve and pass those benefits on to our customers.

Account takeover protection

There’s no excuse for failing to take simple security measures that protect your users against takeovers – these critical features are included in all paid plans.

Multi-factor authentication

Enable users to better protect their accounts by adding a second authentication step to their sign-in process. Use our User Profile component to provide users a self-serve configuration flow.

Password breach detection

We work with HaveIBeenPwned to detect when passwords have leaked and to ensure that leaked passwords cannot be used to access an account.

Brute force prevention

Malicious users are prevented from guessing too many passwords or one-time passwords.

Passwordless enabled

Forgotten passwords are an age-old problem and “passwordless” alternatives are slowly-but-surely making passwords obsolete. Clerk supports a wide array of passwordless options.

Social sign-ins

The most prevalent and easy-to-use option, over 50% of users across all Clerk applications use social sign-in.

One-time passwords by email

Previously used for “forgot password” flows, many now use this as the primary authentication strategy instead of passwords.

One-time passwords by SMS

While still more commonly used for multi-factor authentication, some applications use SMS codes as the primary authentication strategy.

Customizable to your business

Styling is just the start – we understand that every business has unique needs for their sign-up flow and can accommodate most requests out-of-the-box.

Your choice of authentication strategies

Different businesses needs users to sign in different ways – choose only the ones that are right for your application.

Match your brand

Add your logo and choose your font, colors, and other styles to match your brand.

Integrate your way

Embed the component in your page, overlay it in a modal, or forward users to the Clerk-hosted User Management Portal.

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Social sign-in done right

Social sign-in is the fastest way for users to sign in, but too many websites make common mistakes that slow their users down. We have you covered.

Automatic account linking

When a user chooses social sign-up after previously creating an account with manual email verification, the two will automatically be linked instead of creating a second account.

Automatic conversions to sign-up

When new users mistakenly choose social sign-in instead of sign-up, they are automatically forwarded to the sign-up flow, which will either complete right away, or request any additional profile fields required to sign up.


Choosing social sign-in eliminates the need for a password, and allows users to proceed directly to the application, or complete the second step of multi-factor authentication if it is configured.

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