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Changelog Apr 22, 2022

Colin Sidoti

Colin Sidoti

Expo / React Native support, "slug" field for organizations, usernames in JWT templates, and a bucket o' Remix updates

Expo / React Native support

The full Clerk API is now supported in Expo and React Native!

This is our first SDK for mobile and charts a course for future integrations.

The patterns are extensible to any native client (mobile, native desktop, chrome extensions) and open source in our Javascript repository.

Thanks to the contributors
Sokratis Vidros
Sokratis Vidros

Organization "slug" field

Development of our Organization Management features continues!

This week we added a URL-friendly "slug" field to assist developers who configure one-subdomain-per-organization.

Thanks to the contributors
Giannis Katsanos
Giannis Katsanos

Usernames in JWT templates

The {{user.username}} shortcode has been added to JWT templates so developers can securely pass the active user's usernames anywhere they need.

Thanks to the contributors
Agis Anastasopoulos and Haris Chaniotakis
Agis Anastasopoulos
Haris Chaniotakis

Bucket o' Remix updates

We launched a ton of new content about our Remix integration this week:

Thanks to the contributors
Charles Wefso, Ian McPhail, Braden Sidoti, and Colin Sidoti
Charles Wefso
Ian McPhail
Braden Sidoti
Colin Sidoti

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