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Changelog Feb 4, 2022

Colin Sidoti

Colin Sidoti

Open source javascript, an improved Supabase integration, LinkedIn social login, metadata for invitations, and credit where credit is due!

Open source Javascript

Our complete Javascript repository is now open source! We're incredibly excited about the efficiency gains this will bring – both for our team and our customers. Coming soon, we will publish a blog post about all the productivity features we've packed into this monorepo.

Thanks to the contributors
Peter Perlepes, Nikos Douvlis, and Sokratis Vidros
Peter Perlepes
Nikos Douvlis
Sokratis Vidros

Improved Supabase integration

We updated our Supabase guide to use our new JWT templates feature. Now, Clerk generates the JWT that is necessary to authorize queries, so less code is needed in your backend.

Our new JWT templates allow developers to create completely custom JWTs, or assign custom claims to our prebuilt templates like Supabase. In the two weeks since launch, over 50 unique JWT templates have been deployed to production.

We're absolutely delighted to see JWTs being put to widespread use so quickly. If you would like to see a JWT template for your favorite service, please contact support to have it added.

Thanks to the contributors
Braden Sidoti, Mark Pitsilos, Agis Anastasopoulos, Haris Chaniotakis, and Cooper Dawson
Braden Sidoti
Mark Pitsilos
Agis Anastasopoulos
Haris Chaniotakis
Cooper Dawson

LinkedIn Social Login

LinkedIn has been added a Social Login provider. Create an application to try it out!

Over the next few weeks, we have plans to add Microsoft, Apple, and Dropbox. If you need a provider which is not listed, please contact us to have it added.

Thanks to the contributors
Haris Chaniotakis
Haris Chaniotakis

Metadata for invitations

Metadata can now be added to invitations. If the invitation is accepted, the metadata will automatically be added to the newly created User object.

Thanks to the contributors
Alex Ntousias
Alex Ntousias

Credit where credit is due

I'm sure you already noticed, but starting this week, we're now acknowledging team members for their incredible contributions directly in the changelog. Many thanks, team!

Thanks to the contributors
Charles Wefso and Cooper Dawson
Charles Wefso
Cooper Dawson

A note on Remix

Last week we promised a Remix launch for this week. Unfortunately, we misunderstood their documentation and underestimated how long the build would take. Stay tuned - Remix support remains a top priority for us!

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