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Changelog Nov 19, 2021

Colin Sidoti

Colin Sidoti

New magic link API and docs, DIY session token validation docs, Twitch SSO support, and a new information page on OAuth SSO

We launched email magic link support a few weeks ago for our components, but a few aspects of the API had not been finalized yet. We have now released the API for publicly for developers to build their own magic link flow.

From an API perspective, magic links are our most complex authentication factor, particularly because we do not know if the user will click the magic link from the same device they used to initiate the flow. We provide helpers so developers detect and show different screens depending on the if the link was clicked from the same device or a different one.

Check out the magic link custom flow documentation.

Session token validation documentation

Although we don't have SDKs for every backend language yet, Clerk's session tokens for authentication use standard JWTs, which makes it easy to build your own. Check out our new documentation on validating session tokens.

Twitch SSO support

We added support for another OAuth SSO vendor: Twitch. You can toggle switch on from your dashboard.

New OAuth SSO information page

In addition to building support for Twitch, we've added a new informational page that shares the benefits of using Clerk for OAuth SSO. We love SSO because it's the fastest overall authentication solution we offer, and unsurprisingly considering it's speed, it's also preferred by the majority of users.

Learn more about why we recommend SSO.

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