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Changelog Oct 1, 2021

Colin Sidoti

Colin Sidoti

Price drop to 2¢ per MAU, a new guide to customization, a new Google Analytics integration, and a complete API reference.

Price drop!

We listened to your feedback and lowered our pricing to 2¢ per monthly active user (MAU). No credit card is required to start with our free Developer plan, which includes up to 500 MAUs.

We believe robust user management should be accessible to creators and businesses of all sizes, from tiny side-projects to massive enterprises. With this price reduction, we're excited to be leading the industry with low-cost, transparent, and scalable pricing.

New guide: Build your own UI

Did you know Clerk components can be easily customized with CSS? Or that they are powered by public APIs than can be consumed directly, instead?

We've launched a new guide for customizing Clerk to match your own UI, like our sample Mirage and Transistor applications:

Custom-styled "Mirage" and "Transistor" demos
Custom-styled "Mirage" and "Transistor" samples

This is the first of many planned changes to help developers better-leverage our customization capabilities.

New integration: Google Analytics

Clerk's new Google Analytics integration automatically triggers "login" and "sign_up" events, so you don't need to build them yourself. The integration is compatible with both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4.

Complete API reference

Our documentation now holds a complete reference for frontend and backend APIs. While our guides detail the most common use-cases, this reference offers a complete listing of all the functionality in Clerk.

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