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Auth & User Components

Register users and empower them to manage their own accounts.

Flexible solutions for your applications

Clerk supports multiple authentication strategies so you can implement the strategy that makes sense for your users.


Require a user to enter a traditional password when they sign in.

Magic Links

Email the user a link the can link to sign in, even from a separate device.

Email + SMS Passcodes

Send the user a one-time passcode to enter when signing in.

Social Login

Use OAuth to allow users to sign in with Google, Facebook, and more.


Enable users to authenticate using their external wallets, such as MetaMask.

Multifactor Authentication

Require users to provide an additional SMS or authenticator code when signing in.



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Clerk's integration

gives Supabase developers another incredible option for handling authentication. And the Clerk team are a pleasure to work with.


Paul Copplestone

Supabase Cofounder

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