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Drop-in authentication for React

Try our <SignUp/>, <SignIn/>, and <UserProfile/> components, or build your own with our hooks

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Beautiful authentication in minutes

Implement stunning pre-built components with only a few lines of code, then customize the theme to match your application.

import { SignUp } from '@clerk/nextjs';
export default function Page() {
return <SignUp />;
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Sign-up component
component
User button component
User profile component

Customer Identity Platform

Customer Identity that integrates and syncs with your favorite tools.

Custom Identity Platform diagram
Custom Identity Platform diagram

Flexible solutions for your application

Clerk supports multiple authentication strategies so you can implement the strategy that makes sense for your users.


Require a user to enter a traditional password when signing in.

Magic links

Email the user a link they can click to sign in, even from a separate device.

Email + SMS passcodes

Send the user a one-time passcode to enter when signing in.

Social login

Use OAuth to allow users to sign in with Google, Facebook, and more.


Enable users to authenticate using their external wallets, such as MetaMask.

Multifactor authentication

Require users to provide an additional SMS or authenticator code when signing in.

And much more

User mgmt. dashboard

User statistics

Allowlist / Blocklist


Seamless dev. environment

Custom sign-in methods

Advanced security

Leaked password protection

Rate limiting

Revocable sessions

<1ms auth checks

HttpOnly cookies

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Open-source SDKs

Our development kits are created in the open, and you can join us in building the best user management tool out there.


Easy to get started

Read the guides or download the starters repositories to quick-start your project.

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Clerk is SSR, CSR, API, and Edge compatible. Add your user infrastructure in minutes.

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SSR, CSR, Loaders, and Actions compatible. Add your user infrastructure in minutes.



Compatible with RLS. Seamlessly upgrade Supa Auth and get more pre-built UIs.



Clerk is SSR, CSR, and API compatible. Add your user infrastructure in minutes.



The most complete auth provider for Redwood.js. Use Clerk seamlessly with Rewoods structure.



Web3 apps need a strong Web2 base. Seamlessly add wallets to Clerk’s core auth infrastructure.

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