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Add sign up, sign in, and profile management to your application in minutes. Theme prebuilt frontends to match your branding, or customize everything with easy to use APIs.

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The features your users expect

Signing up and signing in are the first interactions users will have with your product. Delight them with the familiar features they have come to expect.

2-step verification

Encourage or require a second step during sign in

Single sign-on

Grant faster access with Google, Facebook, and more

Available passwordless sign-in

Make passwords obsolete by sending one-time password codes


Allow users to sign in to multiple accounts at once

New device notifications

Proactively notify users when a new device signs in

Password breach notifications

Proactively reset passwords that appear in leaks

Easy-to-use APIs

We obsess over every detail of our API definition, documentation, and helper libraries to ensure they are intuitive and developer-friendly. Plus, we follow the frontend-first methodology to allow for faster development directly from the client.

import { SignedIn, SignedOut, SignIn }
from "@clerk/clerk-react";
function Dashboard() {
return (
{/*User is signed in, show dashboard */}
{/* User is signed out, show sign-in flow */}
<SignIn />

Uncompromising security

From brute force and password leak detection to HTTP-only cookies and CSRF protection -- account security is our top priority and we're constantly iterating to better protect against threats.

Prebuilt UIs

Launch full-featured user management in minutes with our prebuilt UI, designed to maximize throughput and delight your users.

Sign up + sign in flows

Beautiful flows optimized for conversion and customized to your business needs.

// JSX
<SignIn />
<SignUp />
// Vanilla JS

User profile

A complete dashboard to empower your users to take control of their account security.

// JSX
<UserProfile />
// Vanilla JS

User button

A familiar button for displaying the current user, accessing account settings, and signing out.

// JSX
<UserButton />
// Vanilla JS

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